A few photos from the garden pond logs today.  Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker still about (plus two adults) and a Greenfinch.

A couple of photos of the adult and juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker in the garden today.  Couldn't manage to get them both in shot at the same time.  And this evening it looks like the adult has stopped feeding the juvenile altogether - it seems to be feeding itself mostly on the ground beneath the bird feeders and pecking at the log.

I've recently put up a couple of perches near the pond in the garden so that birds can preen after having a bath in the pond.  A juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker seems to be using it occasionally in the early morning and at dusk, while waiting to be fed by the adult.  A couple of photos from this evening below.

An early morning trip to Ham Wall this morning in the hope of seeing Bitterns.  A fair few about near the Avalon Hide doing feeding runs.  But unfortunately no close views, and the sun was rather bright.  A couple of photos of one Bittern, plus a Marsh Harrier below.

Found a new location in the New Forest - a little clearing where both Redstarts and Spotted Flycatchers were feeding.  A couple of photos from midday today.  Will try again in the morning tomorrow.