I've been trying to get some Great Spotted Woodpecker flight shots as they fly between the feeders and the pond logs.  Tricky, but some success.

I've never really had any luck with Purple Emperors in Bentley Wood in past years.  And despite trying every morning for the last few days, no luck this year either.  Until this morning.  A very hot day, and quite a bit of activity, with 3 or 4 Purple Emperors flying along the tracks and occasionally coming down to feed.

Field Vole in the garden this evening - beneath the bird feeders.

Good selection of birds on the feeders today. Nice to have a Siskin in the garden in summer.

This afternoon I strapped a branch next to the bird feeders in the garden. Within an hour I got: Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Female Great Spotted Woodpecker, Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker, Male Great Spotted Woodpecker, Juvenile Blue Tit, Juvenile Great Tit, Robin.