Popped down to Totton near Southampton this morning to see the flock of 11 Waxwings that are feeding in the area.  Some good views in rather nice sunshine.

Back from a few weeks in Kenya over Christmas and the New Year.  Hundreds of photos taken, many of which I will upload to a separate page elsewhere on this site eventually.

But thought I would post my Top 20 Bird Photos and Top 20 Animal Photos here.  So.....

Top 20 Bird Photos:

Top 20 Animals:

A few photos of a Short-Eared Owl at Steart Marshes.

And also a photo of tonight's Moon.


First local Barn Owl I've seen for a few years.  Seems to be hunting late afternoon onwards just down the road from us - maybe because the nights have been so wet and windy recently.  Certainly some of the closest views I've ever had of a Barn Owl.

Another few hours out on Salisbury Plain again today.  Arrived at about sunrise and spent most of the morning there.  Only one fly-by from a Hen Harrier, but came in nice and close as it flushed amixed flock of linnets, pipits and goldfinches.  Quite pleased with some of these photos.

A single Merlin was about too - at one point flew right over my head.

And a Sparrowhawk.