Went to the New Forest this morning - first time in quite a while.  Redstarts in full song (one pair even nest building already) and Cuckoos everywhere.  Seems to be a good year for them - heard far more than I normally do.

Early morning trip to Portland this morning in the fog.  Just as I got there, the fog cleared, sun came out and I found the Hoopoe I had come to see.  Some nice views until it flew to the middle of a paddock and just sat eating for 2 hours too far away for more photos.

While in Corfe this week I spent a couple of mornings walking the Dorset Coastal path between Durlston and Dancing Ledge.  Lots of Peregrine action.  Very interesting as they seem to use the path itself to fly along and stalk other birds before diving down on them.  At one point a Peregrine shot past my head at full speed not more than 10m from me.  Sounded like a jet taking off - amazing noise as it ripped through the air.

Spent a few days around Corfe earlier this week.  Mostly along the Dorset Coastal path, but also at Arne.  Nice to hear the first Chiffchaffs of the year, and see my first adder this year. 

Have been out looking for Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers in the New Forest over the last couple of weeks.  Finally managed to see one this morning - briefly and rather high in a tree.  Lots of calling, haven't heard any males drumming yet though.