It's the time of year for Wrynecks to pop up on the south coast.  The recent wind direction seems to have been good for them this week.  This Wryneck turned up at Farlington Marshes yesterday afternoon and was still about first thing this morning.

Trip to Arne this morning.  Very blustery morning with patches of cloud coming across.  But saw a Barn Owl first thing (perched on the Middlebere Hide) and a distant Osprey.

For the last couple of weeks, bat droppings have appeared in our porch.  Wasn't sure where they were coming from as no obvious roost hole.  So tonight I waited to see what was happening - about 2 hours after sunset a bat did a few circuits then perched on the wall.  He then climbed up into the corner where he spent the next few hours. 

ID not obvious to me.  Serotine Bat possibly.


A good year for Painted Lady butterflies this year apparently.  Counted at least 6 on our Buddleia this afternoon.

A few macro photos from the woods today.