Another attempt at Purple Emperor photos in Bentley Wood.  I managed to find 4 this morning - first time I've ever been that successful by myself.  First time I've seen one in the car park which is where people often claim to see them.  Also, a Silver Wash Fritillary (I think).

Purple Emperors in Bentley Wood seem to have started emerging this week.  About a week later than last year.  Some good views this morning between 09:30 and 11:00.

A few photos from the BTO ringing of the Salisbury Cathedral Peregrine chicks this morning.

A couple of hours at Salisbury Cathedral first things this morning.  Saw a nice mid-air food pass between the male and female Peregrines.

Another week, another Tawny Owl. This one I found at first light this morning at Arne.  Came back about 3 hours later and it was still about, but had moved to a higher roosting perch.  Chest feathers look a little scruffy on this one.  Could just be wet.  Could be moulting.