Spent the whole day (06:00 until 17:30) at Ham Wall last Sunday.  Misty, murky start.  Nice light during the day.  And a pretty sunset.  Starlings were very impressive and I was was able to get out on one of the paths down the middle of the reedbeds right in the middle of where they roosted.  But the never really formed any interesting murmuration shapes.

Out early this morning on Salisbury Plain.  Saw Red Kites, Buzzards, Marsh Harrier and Hen Harrier.  Some nice, albeit distant, photos of Hen and Marsh Harrier together.

Very cold day, didn't see much.  Kingfisher at Arne this morning.  Distant Hen Harrier on Salisbury Plain this afternoon.

Fearing that Winter might pass with this year's Waxwings never making it this far south, I headed out to Bradley Stoke this morning to try and see a few in a spot where they've been feeding over the last few days.  No luck there, but popped across the Severn Bridge and saw a few in Chepstow.  Horrible grey weather, too dark and foggy.  But I got some shots.  Something to improve upon should they work their way further south.

On the way home, stopped off in Box to see if I could find any Dippers.  Saw two, plus a Kingfisher.  Only managed a couple of shots of one of the Dippers though.

A drive out across Salisbury Plain this morning, and was quite surprised to see a Marsh Harrier out hunting.  A long way from any marshes.  Rather scruffy little thing, but came quite close for a photo.

Also on Salisbury Plain, three Red Kites.  I didn't managed to get all three in one photo, but here's some shots of two of them.

And finally for this morning, Fieldfares and Redwing.

In the afternoon, I popped out to Bransbury Common to see if there were any Barn Owls out and about.  No luck, but I did see a little Stoat in its white winter fur.  Apparently quite unusual in the South.