Over the two weeks I've spent 5 mornings in the woods looking for Purple Emperors.  Only ever saw them high up around the top of oaks.  It seems they emerged early this year, so I missed the opportunity to see them stocking up on minerals on the ground.  Anyway, today I managed to actually get a few photos, albiet of female Purple Emperors high up in a tree.  Plus a hover fly close up.

Six Bee Eaters have been hanging around a quarry in East Leake (near Loughborough) in Nottinghamshire this week.  Looks like they might be trying to nest there.  The RSPB are watching them round the clock and have set up an area to park up and view them.  So a 5 hour round trip early this morning resulted in me getting a few snaps.  Distant, but still nice to see.

A couple of snaps of the two young Peregrines on Salisbury Cathedral yesterday.  The orphaned chick (about 1 week older) has already made a couple of flights.  The chick that hatched on the cathedral has yet to fly.  Will pop back one morning when the light is better to get some better photos.

Today, the two Salisbury Cathedral Peregrine chicks were ringed.  One was the only chick that hatched from the clutch of 5 eggs laid.  The other was the orphaned chick that was intoduced to the nest earlier this week.  All ringed with Blue Rings as part of the Ed Drewitt's south west Peregrine project.

Earlier this week I was invited to take some stills of the introduction of the orphaned Peregrine chick to the nest on Salisbury Cathedral.  This chick was one of three abandoned in Shropshire after the adults were poisoned.  This was all coverd on BBC Springwatch which was quite exciting.  But some of my behind the scenes photos are here.