A few snaps of an Osprey with a fish at Arne this morning.  Not much else about today.

Went to Hengistbury Head today to serch for Wrynecks.  No luck.  A few Whitethroats, Blackcaps and Stonechats.  Plus a nice Sparrowhawk up pretty close.

At Arne for sunrise today, but rather cloudy.  But a couple of Ospreys spent some time circling in front the Raptor Trail hide.  Poor light, ISO3200 and slow shutter speed didn't make for great photos, but nice to see them.  Neither seemed to have rings on, so these aren't the released juvemile Ospreys as far as I can tell.

Last week I spent 3 nights on Skomer.  Early July is really the last time in the year when you can be certain of seeing Puffins on Skomer as the youngsters fledge by about mid-July, then they all go.  It's also one of the best times to see the Puffins bringing Sand Eels in.  And that was my main goal - photographing Puffins in flight with mouthfuls of Sand Eels.  The weather was good, so I managed quite a few decent photos.

And also, plenty of shots of Puffins in flight without Sand Eels.

Some Puffin portraits.

An attempt at slow shutter speed blurry action Puffins in flight.

Some Puffins near the water.

And a few of Skomer's other birds - Raven, Choughs, Wheatear and Short Eared Owl.

I've been trying to get some Great Spotted Woodpecker flight shots as they fly between the feeders and the pond logs.  Tricky, but some success.