A very early trip to Arne this morning to see what was about.  Twice saw a Merlin shoot past, but no chance of a photo - good to know they're about though.  Kingfisher was still around the Raptor Hide.  Much better light than my last visit.

A couple of Marsh Harriers were around all morning - here's photos of one of them.

Popped out to Salisbury Plain in the afternoon.  Very distant views of Ringtail Hen Harrier, so the only photo I'm going to post is on this Stonechat.

My first ever Black Redstarts.  I spotted three of them (2 males, 1 female) on Salisbury Cathedral today.  Very high up, so record shots only, but if they hang around I'm sure I will eventually get lucky with some closer views.

No Short Eared Owls or Bearded Tits this morning at Farlington Marshes, but saw this nice friendly Kestrel.

Doesn't really count, as I strongly suspect these two are escapees rather than wild migrants, but a pair of Wood Ducks at Eyeworth Pond in the New Forest this afternoon.

A day off work, and an early morning visit to Arne.  Was hoping for Marsh Harriers in lovely clear blue skies.  No luck.  But the raptor hide, overlooking part of Middlebere channel, had a female (red colouring under beak) fishing on and off for about 3 hours in front of it.  Often quite distant, but sometimes perched near by.  So I got some photos - light was sometimes okay, but never perfect.  I did see Marsh Harriers, but far too distant for decent photos.  Also, a fox - prowling about at 10:00am.