My first Goshawk sighting of the year.  Two of them about - looked like they're thinking about displaying.  Today, all I saw was some rather high altitude soaring - hence the record shot below.

A photo of tonight's super blue moon from the back garden.  (Blue moon = second full moon in the month, not related to its actual colour)

Sparrowhawk in the back garden this lunch time.  Perched on the chicken house.

Plan for today was the New Forest to search out Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers.  But I thought I'd pop into Romsey first thing to check on the Hawfinches.  Loads about, and in really good light.  So I ended up spending almost 5 hours there.  Quite pleased with some of the shots with the reflection in the puddle.  New Forest will have to be next weekend.

While watching the Hawfinches, also took a photo shots of the other things drinking from the puddles.

For a few weeks now I've regularly seen a Barn Owl on the way home from work.  This one seems to be a night time only owl - never seen it hunting in the later afternoon.  Managed one blurry photo taken using the car headlights for illumination.