A light dusting of snow on Salisbury Plain this afternoon seemed to bring the Short Eared Owls out to hunt.  I found two, hunting together, from about 14:30 onwards.  First time I've properly seen any out on the plain this year.

Also, a nice Kestrel - perched up.

On the way to Mark Ash Wood in the New Forest this morning, saw this Buzzard feeding on the ground near Fritham.

At Mark Ash Wood - large flocks of Chaffinch and Brambling, with 2 Hawfinch amongst them.  Very timid though, so no photos.

Spent a few hours on Saturday on Salisbury Plain.  The Merlin is still about, and still difficult to photograph.  But some nice mixed flocks of Fieldfares, Lapwings and Golden Plover.  Some photos of these, plus a Kestrel, below.

First test of my new Trail Camera.  Left it in the woods for a few nights.  Nothing stunning yet, but captured a few little videos.  Two quick examples - firstly, a Deer.

And a couple of Squirrels.

Next step is to work on improving the spot I point the camera at for a bit more action.  And probably take some longer video clips.

A return visit to Mercer Way in Romsey today to look for Hawfinches. Much less disturbance on a weekday morning.  Still a fair number of dog walkers and people passing through the park, but better than the weekend.  And as a result, much better views of the Hawfinches.  At least 6 about.  A couple were particularly bold (for Hawfinches) and I was able to get some nice shots of them feeding on the ground.

Also, a few record shots of 5 feeding on the ground together, and a couple more.