First Turtle Doves of the year today on Martin Down in Hampshire.  Saw and heard 2, possibly 3.  Rather grey sky just before the rain kicked in, so a few record shots.

Another trip to try and view the Stone Curlews today.  Another distant view against the cowslips.

Another few hours in the New Forest today, trying to find a Cuckoo to photograph.  Yet more distant views, but nothing close.  Did get to hear a couple giving their "bubbling" call.  Never heard that before - very interesting sound.

Early morning visit to Ashley Walk in the New Forest today.  Quite a few Cuckoo about, including one that flew in close (while I was watching a Redstart) and then got mobbed by what I think was a Tree Pipit. Will try for these Cuckoos again I think - stil potential to get better photos.

In the same area this morning, Wheatears, Dartford Warbler and an Adder.  The Adder was right in the middle of the track and I didn't spot it until it suddenly coiled up and hissed.  I must have been about a foot away from stepping on it.

A few photos from today - out and about at RSPB Pulborough Brooks in the morning, and on Salisbury Plain late afternoon.  Nightingale, Wren, Adders, Stone Curlew, Fox.  First Stone Curlew I've seen - very, very distant though, and only spotted because it moved around a bit.