My second ever Wryneck seen today.  This one on Portland - at the quarry where the Little Owls live.  Elusive is the word most people seem to use to describe Wrynecks - this one was certainly tricky to see, spend most of the time deep in brambles, but showed briefly a couple of times during the couple or so we were there.


Also, photos of a Robin and a Kestrel in very early light on Portland just as the sun rose.  And a Hooded Merganser at Radipole in Weymouth catching a flat fish of some sort.

Spotted two Tawny Owls right next to each other in the neighbour's garden this evening.  Both males it seems, calling at each other.  Managed to get a few shots, but all hand held while trying to use a torch for illumination.  First attempt at using ISO12800 on the camera, and while the image quality isn't great, it's good enough for record shots.

Did one of my fairly regular trips to Brownsea Island today.  Normally I go when it first opens in the year (early Spring) and just before it closes (mid Autumn).  So today's trip was slightly earlier in Autumn than usual.  Also got very lucky with the weather.  This was the first trip with my new camera, and one of my new lenses (24-70mm f2.8).  Combination of these things meant I was able to get some nice shots with dappled light (leaves were still on the trees), no need for flash (new camera, high ISO), and good bokeh (new lens).  Squirrel photos below...

Popped down to Farlington Marshes early this morning in the hope of finding a Wryneck.  No luck, but at around 10:00, some Bearded Tits were about.  Mostly feeding low down in the reeds, and the harsh sun didn't make for great photos.  Will try again over the coming months, as when they start feeding on the seed heads, they should be much more visible.

Also got some snaps of Little Egret, Moorhen and Whitethroat in some quite nice light.

After many attempts to see my first Wryneck, I was finally successful in Church Norton, just south of Chichester this morning.  Not easy to spot at all - especially deep in the long grass.  Quite distant, and the day was rather overcast, but I'm still happy with these shots.