Spent a few hours at Arne this morning.  Rather quiet first thing, but one Dartford Warbler was very active late morning.  Nice against the yellow gorse.

Spent a few days in Lyme Regis, and very pleased to see Dippers on the River Lym right on the edge of the town.  I spotted at least two pairs, although I'm told there are at least 3 pairs, with one pair starting to nest fairly near the town centre.  Took quite a few photos - I'm particularly pleased with a couple of the longer exposure shots with a blurry water effect.  These were taken at about 1/10th of a second using a tripod.

Also on the River Lym, Grey Wagtails.

And one day we popped to Portland.  Not a huge amount there, but did get a nice fly by from two Peregrines chasing a pigeon together.  Here are some shots of one of them.

First decent dry weekend in a long time, but very windy.  Spent a couple of hours in the woods looking for Firecrests.  Quite a lot of activity this morning in the usual spots in the woods.

Went out looking for Goshawks this afternoon in the woods.  We're just entering Goshawk mating display season.  I saw one, no displaying though. 

Interesting that this is a different Goshawk to the one I photographed last weekend.  Last weekend's was a juveile (streaky chest rather than barred).  This is an adult.  Can be difficult to distinguish from a female Sparrowhawk.  However, key features to note on this one are the wide hips, chunky talons and faded and faint barring on the secondary flight feathers.  You only see this fading on the adult Goshawk.  Female Sparrowhawk has clear bars on secondary flight feathers.

A few photos from Dorset and Wiltshire today.  Long Tailed Tit, Hawfinch and Goshawk.