A drive out across Salisbury Plain this morning, and was quite surprised to see a Marsh Harrier out hunting.  A long way from any marshes.  Rather scruffy little thing, but came quite close for a photo.

Also on Salisbury Plain, three Red Kites.  I didn't managed to get all three in one photo, but here's some shots of two of them.

And finally for this morning, Fieldfares and Redwing.

In the afternoon, I popped out to Bransbury Common to see if there were any Barn Owls out and about.  No luck, but I did see a little Stoat in its white winter fur.  Apparently quite unusual in the South.

A full day out in Dorset today, getting to Blandford at 07:30, well before sunrise, hoping for Otters.  A couple turned up at 07:45, and gradually worked their way down stream.  But as the sun rose, the fog set in, so I never really got any great photos.  A few of my better ones below.

After Blandford, I popped down to Radipole Lake in Weymouth, hoping for Bearded Tits.  A lovely still day, and really clear in Weymouth.  Had some luck with the Bearded Tits, but never quite managed the perfect shot with the light in the right direction.  Still, great to see, and I'll probably try again soon.

Mid afternoon at Radipole, and managed a few shots of Marsh Harriers.  Light was fantastic, and although distant, these are probably my best ever shots of Marsh Harriers.

And finally, a few more shots from Radipole.  I quite like the symmetrical Kestrel.


Have spent the last couple of mornings at Arne and Blashford Lakes hoping for something interesting, but all remarkably quiet.  Best I could do is this Goldfinch.  Nice background I thought.

Spent a couple of hours at Ham Wall and Shapwick Heath on Christmas Day morning.  Some very nice views of one of the Glossy Ibis that now seems to live there.  Say some Bearded Tits, but too far off and mobile for photos.  But some other shots below, including Marsh Harrier, Great White Egret and Sparrowhawk.

Popped over to Romsey to see if any Hawfinches were about at one of their regular spots at this time of year.  3 or 4 about early in the morning, but very tricky to see.  Managed to get a few distant shots.