Nice long day trip to Portland today.  There by sunrise, stayed for 10 hours.  Mostly spent watching a very distant Hoopoe.  Occasionally it would do a little flight circuit, but always to distant and too much heat haze for a decent photo.  But just before it left it perched up in a bush right next to me, so worth the wait.

While watching the distant Hoopoe, this male Kestrel shot by very close.

And other things.... Female Black Redstart, Linnet (lots about), Wheatear (lots about) and the usual Little Owls.

Went out looking for Redstarts and Cuckoos in the New Forest today.  Didn't hear or see either.  So instead, a few shots of more common birds from the area around Cadmans Pool.

Spent a few days in Lyme Regis.  Pretty much solid rain the whole time, and very little sun light.  But managed to get some photos of the Dippers on the River Lym.

Some photos of the Salisbury Peregrines this afternoon.  Quite a lot of action, with the male passing food to the female.  The female is the same one as last year - tagged SY, and still wearing her satellite tracker that was put on her during Springwatch last year.  The male has no ring though - so a different individual to last year it seems.

A few shots from RSPB Arne this morning.  First decent day this spring - lots of Dartford Warbler and Green Woodpecker activity.