Back to Bransbury Common today, but this time not for the Barn Owls.  Thought I'd try for the Great Grey Shrike instead.  Reasonable luck - he was visible for quite some time flying from bush to bush, then once did a circuit around me quite close.  So a few photos below with varying lighting as he circled around.  Just before I left he caught a vole, speared it on a spike and the started eating away, tugging at the vole.  Far too distant for a decent photo, but good views through the scope.

Distant views of a Great Grey Shrike this afternoon at Bransbury Common.  And of course, some more Barn Owls.  One was out hunting when I got there at about 14:00 - apparently he'd been out since midday.  The owl photos are slight better quality than the lot from earlier in the week - light slightly better today.

Popped out to Eyesworth Pond again this morning - this time trynig for Nuthatches.  Some success, using a couple of flashes to compensate for variable natural light.  Quite happy with these three portraits.

You can never have too many Barn Owl photos.  So here are some more of two of the ones at Bransbury Common today.

After trying to find the Mandarins a Eyesworth Pond, I spent a few minutes photographing birds on a log that some bloke had set up and smeared with suet.  Loads of Bluetits, a few Great tits and a Marsh tit.  A few Nuthatches about too, but they didn't really come down to the log.  I will try going back soon with a log of my own design, and try to tempt Nuthatches.