Further to the last post...  Whilst up the tower of Salisbury Cathedral, I tried to photograph the adult Peregrines from eye level - a really unusual opportunity.  Someone had to be out on the ledge of the tower while the chicks were being ringed to prevent the adults from returning to the nest while the chicks were gone.  So my snaps below.  Have to say, I'm rather pleased with some of them.


Yesterday, I had the privilege of watching the ringing of the Salisbury Cathedral Peregrine chicks with the RSPB and the BTO.  An amazing experience.  Of course, I took some photos....


Also, while at Ham Wall this morning tried to get some shots of Glastonbury Tor from the levels.  It was rather cloudy, so not a great sunrise.  So I've done some HDR shots.

Very early start to get to RSPB Ham Wall soon after sunrise.  Main aim was to see Bitterns.  Quite a lot of success - loads of action for the first couple of hours.  Also, spotted Marsh Frogs in the ponds by the car park making all sorts of noise. 

Spent a couple of hours watching the Peregrines on Salisbury Cathedral this morning before it fully clouded over.  A fair bit of activity, but they never came down close enough for a proper photo.