Got good but brief views of a Hen Harrier hunting over the reeds at Arne this monring.  Also distant views of a Marsh Harrier.  A few shots below.  Quite pleased with the one of the Hen Harrier coming straight towards the camera.


Another trip to the Somerset Levels today.  Some improved photos of the Cranes - still distant, but better lit.  Also, Grey Heron and my first UK Cattle Egret.  And finally, some sort of farmed Emu deliberately placed on the levels to confuse me.

Second trip of the year to Brownsea Island today.  Hoping to get a few more Red Squirrel photos before the island closes to visitors for the winter.  I had a couple of shots in mind - ones of the squirrels jumping, either from head on or from beneath.  Some success.  Quite pleased with some of these.

Went searching for the Cranes on the Somerset Levels this morning, introduced as part of the "Great Crane Project".  Only very distant views in the mist.  Will have to try again on a sunny day.  Also, Grey Herons (one eating a rodent of some sort), and a Marsh Harrier.

Tried to photograph the Blood Moon during the lunar eclipse early this morning.  Tricky to photograph, as it's actually quite dark when fully eclipsed, so high ISO required to avoid motion blur.  But I got an okay record shot.