Some shots of Little Egret, Kestrel and Shelduck at Arne.

A very grey and wet day today, so went to the New Forest to try out some bird in flight photos using some flash units.  3 speedlites on stands set at 1/32 power to try and freeze the motion.  Quite pleased with some of the photos, but need to work out a way of getting a decent background.

After no sightings for ages, I've spotted our local Barn Owl most mornings on the way to work this week.  So took my camera today and managed to get a couple of brief shots of him perched up.  He seems quite reliable at the moment, so will try again the next few days I think.

A final set of photos from our holiday in Costa Rica.  These cover days 13 to 19.

A selection of my favourite photos from days 9 to 12 of our holiday in Costa Rica.