Another year where I've failed to get any decent Purple Emperor photos in the woods.  A few seen, but none grounded for a good purple photo.  Here's a Sliver-Washed Fritillary from yesterday.

Finally from Skomer, some Puffin photos.  A lot of Puffin photos in fact.  Spent most of my time trying to get nice in-flight shots, some of which I'm very happy with.  But I've included a few of my other favourite shots, including one of a Puffling emerging from its burrow (the first few Pufflings were starting to emerge on our last day on the island).

A few further shots from Skomer.  Lesser Black Backed Gull, Meadow Pipit, Razorbill, Seal, Wheatear.

Spent two nights on Skomer Island this week.  Weather rather good - much nicer than last year.  So coming up will be a series of posts of things on Skomer.  First up, Little Owls.  The pair had 4 chicks fledge apparently.  Very dificult to confirm this as there was only normally one visible.  Still, these are my shots of one of the juvenile Little Owls, plus a record shot of 3 of them together.

Got to Salisbury Cathedral for 05:30 this morning, hoping for some Peregrine food passing action.  No luck with that, but got some nice shots as the mist cleared.