A nice early start on a lovely still morning before work to find Turle Doves.  Usual spot - Martin Down in Hampshire.  At least three purring away in one cluster of bushes.

Some macro photos (with flash) of some some flowers in the garden of our friend's new house.


Still no luck with a Cuckoo this morning in the woods.  But another Common Lizard, an couple of Slowworms and a Pearl Bordered Fritillary.


I spent 5 hours this morning walking round the woods trying to locate a Cuckoo to photograph.  One, possibly two, calling all morning, but I never got a good sighting for a photo. So instead, a couple of photos of Common Lizards, found in two separate areas of the woods.  And a Bluebell.

This afternoon, on the way home from Pullborough Brooks, stopped off at Crawley near Winchester to try and see a Hoopoe that had been reported first thing in the morning.  After a bit of wandering around, we did eventually see it, and got good, long, and relatively close up views.  So four photos below.  Very happy with these.  So that's 2 Hoopoes in as many weekends.