Finally managed to get good views of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at first light this morning in the New Forest before work.  Same tree as last weekend, so nice to know where to go in future.  A couple of shots - one where you can see the red on the head quite nicely.

I have spent a large amount of time this weekend tracking Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers in the New Forest in the hope of getting some photos.  I've now found one who seems to have a particular drumming post on a dead tree.  Haven't actually managed to get views of him drumming, but seen him flying off a number of times immediately after drumming.  So next, I will set up some distance from the tree before sunrise one morning and hope for a photo.  I'm pretty certain I know the exact branch he is using - just not sure what angle I need to see through all the twigs.

So in the absence of any decent bird photos this week, I've have been photographing Snowdrops again.  Trying to work out if I would get any enjoyment out of investing in a proper macro lens.  I think the answer is yes.

Very early start to get to the New Forest to search for Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers.  Heard two, saw none.  Then at lunchtime, went to Bransbury Common to search for the white Stoat.  No luck there either.  No Barn Owls there for once - very unusual, but the last couple of nights have been lovely and clear with a full moon so I guess they've had lots of luck hunting at night.  Day was rescued to a small extent by the Great Grey Shrike showing up fairly near me - so got a couple of shots.  And also a Snowdrop - to prove it's almost spring.

The last few times I've been to Bransbury Common, other people have seen a stoat in its winter coat.  Pure white with a black tip to its tail.  So I went there this afternoon specifically to try and photograph it.  Two other people saw it, one person even managed a blurry record shot.  Not me though - all I got was yet more Barn Owl photos in the rather grey light. 

Just a photo of the moon.  Lovely clear skies tonight.