A much brighter day today, so headed back to Blandford to search for Otters.  Got quite lucky as three were about (mother plus two youngsters), working their way down the river.  So I was able to watch them for about 30 minutes until the footpath came to an end and they drifted off out of sight.  Very interesting to watch - particularly because they seem to attract Kingfishers.  So I got a couple of nice shots of a Kingfisher in some good light.  This one's a male.  Yesterday's a female.

I also popped to the New Forest late morning to search for Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers.  No luck.

A rather grey morning in Blanford today - was hoping for Otters.  As usual, there was loads of action yesterday (apparently), but nothing while I was there today.  However, lots of Kingfishers about.

Tried to photograph a Nuthatch using a wide angle lens this morning.  Throught it might make things look more dramatic.  Not convinced it's any better than the photos I've taken from a distance with a telephoto lens. 

Then, this afternoon, I spent a coupe of hours this afternoon trying to find otters in Blandford.  2 adults and 3 youngsters around apparently, but not while I was there.

Spent today in the New Forest.  Hoping for Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, but no luck.  One was spotted in the car park at 08:00 apparently, but I didn't get there until 10:00.  Didn't even hear any drumming.  Will have to try again another weeked, but get there earlier.  However, in the morning at Mark Ash Wood, I got Tawny Owl and Treecreeper - both shots I'm quite happy with. Shame about the twigs in front of the owl.  In the afternoon I drive down to Blackwater Aboretum hoping for Hawfinches.  Only saw 1, briefly, into the sun, so not a good photo.  But saw 10 Bullfinch in a little flock, so tried some low down, lying on the grass, narrow depth of field shots.

A couple of Stonechats, a Sparrowhawk and, of course, a Barn Owl....