There has been an unusually high number of Hoopoes arriving in the UK over the last week or so.  Most in the far south west.  But they're begining to turn up nearer to home too.  So this morning, got up at 04:00 and headed down to Portland to try and see one that had been sighted there yesterday.  I was in luck - managed to get a few snaps.  All distant, and into the sun, but I'm actually quite happy with them.  My first UK Hoopoe.

Lovely weather this weekend, and had hoped to see some of the Redstarts that have arrived.  No luck.  So instead, a selection of photos from our garden, Hengistbury Head, and Bentley Woods.


Didn't actually go anywhere over the bank holiday weekend, so no interesting photos of migrants arriving.  Instead, a couple of photos of flies on our bay tree.

Eden Project in Cornwall yesterday, trying out some macro photography on the flowers.  Quite pleased with some of the effects achieved.

On the way down to Cornwall on Friday, we stopped off briefly at RSPB Darts Farm near Exeter for lunch, and the possibility of seeing the Penduline Tits that have taken up residence there.  Given that some people were reporting having been there 5 or 6 times and never seeing them, my hopes weren't high.  But stepped out of the car, walked down to the hide, and there they were.  A bit of a grey day, so light was very poor and not ideal for photography, but I got some nice shots.  Including a couple where you can see a small grub or caterpillar that one pulled out of the bullrushes - which is, I think, what they're searching for as they tear all the fluff off the rushes.