Spent a couple of hours watching the Peregrines on Salisbury Cathedral this morning before it fully clouded over.  A fair bit of activity, but they never came down close enough for a proper photo.


Tried for the Red Footed Falcon in Wareham at lunchtime today.  Some views - but she was very high up.  Still, worth the trip.  Just annoying I didn't realise she was there yesterday - I could have stopped off on the way back from Arne.


Some macro shots of a Damselfly emerging from our pond this morning.


Taking some holiday to make a nice long weekend of the Bank Holiday. This morning, popped down to Arne and managed to get some rather nice shots of a roosting Tawny Owl.  And a couple of Wrens.

I went searching for Oil Beetles in the woods last weekend, but with no luck.  This afternoon, I found one.  Huge thing.  A Black Oil Beetle I reckon based upon the identification guide here.


Also, a Peacock buttlerfly.