A return visit to Langford Lakes this morning in much better light.  Only the one Barn Owl today, but came suprisingly close, and nicely back-lit.

A very early start to get to Langford Lakes for 06:15 to try and find Barn Owls.  Three of them hunting around continuously, right up until I left at 07:20.  Was a grey drizzly morning though - need to go again when it's sunny I think.

First trip of the year to Brownsea.  Plan was to try a few more shots of the Red Squirrels with wide angle lens and flashes to create some dramatic jumping shots.  Variable success - focusing rather tricky.

I have found a new Little Owl.  Very close to home, and right on my way to work.  It's possibly the same one I found in the summer of 2014 - only about a mile apart.  So a couple of record shots from today (one in the morning on the way to work, one in the evening on the way back).  Fingers crossed he stays there for a while.

Some shots of the Hawfinches coming in to roost at Blackwater Arboretum  in the New Forest this afternoon.  And also a Treecreeper feeding around some Ivy.  No luck with Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers in the morning, but will try again before work one day htis week I think...