A selection of my photos of the Peregrines that breed on Salisbury Cathedral.

First up, some photos of the Peregrines from 2017.  This was the year only 1 of the 5 eggs laid actually hatched.  The RSPB introduced a second chick to the nest - this chick was effectively abandoned after its parents were poisoned in Shropshire.

In March 2017 one of the Salisbury Cathedral Peregrine chicks that hatched in 2014 was found shot on farmland near Stockbridge. Someone found it and took it to the Hawk Conservancy Trust near Andover where it recoverd. It was released back into the wild in May 2017.

Some photos of the 2016 breeding season, including some shots of one of the fledgling's first flight.

Some photos from 2015.  Mostly taken whilst guarding the nest while the chicks were being ringed (guarding the nest necesary to ensure the adults don't return to the nest, see it empty and abandon it).