A few photos of a Sparrowhawk in the garden this morning.  It was there for probably an hour plucking, eating, perching.  Photos taken from the bedroom window.

Trying out some very close up macro stuff in the garden.  Using a 100mm macro lens with 65mm of extension tubes.  Some nice close ups, but some quality challenges relating to iso - depth of field - lighting trade offs.

A few snaps from Arne yesterday.  Note for next year - second half of July is rubbish for birds, bring different lenses.

Over the two weeks I've spent 5 mornings in the woods looking for Purple Emperors.  Only ever saw them high up around the top of oaks.  It seems they emerged early this year, so I missed the opportunity to see them stocking up on minerals on the ground.  Anyway, today I managed to actually get a few photos, albiet of female Purple Emperors high up in a tree.  Plus a hover fly close up.

Six Bee Eaters have been hanging around a quarry in East Leake (near Loughborough) in Nottinghamshire this week.  Looks like they might be trying to nest there.  The RSPB are watching them round the clock and have set up an area to park up and view them.  So a 5 hour round trip early this morning resulted in me getting a few snaps.  Distant, but still nice to see.