A brief trip to Langford Lakes mid-afternoon today.  Saw four Hobbies all hunting together for about an hour.  Very impressive to watch - shame they were so high up.

First Turtle Doves of the year today on Martin Down in Hampshire.  Saw and heard 2, possibly 3.  Rather grey sky just before the rain kicked in, so a few record shots.

Another trip to try and view the Stone Curlews today.  Another distant view against the cowslips.

Another few hours in the New Forest today, trying to find a Cuckoo to photograph.  Yet more distant views, but nothing close.  Did get to hear a couple giving their "bubbling" call.  Never heard that before - very interesting sound.

Early morning visit to Ashley Walk in the New Forest today.  Quite a few Cuckoo about, including one that flew in close (while I was watching a Redstart) and then got mobbed by what I think was a Tree Pipit. Will try for these Cuckoos again I think - stil potential to get better photos.

In the same area this morning, Wheatears, Dartford Warbler and an Adder.  The Adder was right in the middle of the track and I didn't spot it until it suddenly coiled up and hissed.  I must have been about a foot away from stepping on it.