Finally managed to hear some Lesser Spotted Woodpecker drumming in the New Forest this morning.  Also quite a bit of calling too.  Getting good views for a photo was very tricky though - only managed this record shot through the branches (female LSW).  Should have got there earlier in the morning - all went quiet at 10:30.

Spent the day down at Arne, and tried out the National Trust hide on the other side of the Middlebere channel in the afternoon.  No sign of Hen Harrier or Merlin, but some nice close views of Spoobill in the afternoon light.

Made 1 final trip to see the Hawfinches today.  Light not great, so photos not as good as last time.  Numbers seemed quite a bit down - maybe only 5 or 6 birds present today.  Still, nice to see.  (Also, a Goldfinch).

My first Goshawk sighting of the year.  Two of them about - looked like they're thinking about displaying.  Today, all I saw was some rather high altitude soaring - hence the record shot below.

A photo of tonight's super blue moon from the back garden.  (Blue moon = second full moon in the month, not related to its actual colour)