Driving near the woods this afternoon and spotted this Kestrel perched up on a bridge.  It didn't look too happy, but could have just been warming itself up in the sun.  It moved on eventually, but I took a couple of photos from the car.

It's that time of year again when Goshawks start to do a lot more display flights, and are much easier to see.  Went out walking today - saw 2, heard a third.

I've now put together a page containing my favourite photos from the 16 days we spent in Kenya. You can find it here.



Popped down to Totton near Southampton this morning to see the flock of 11 Waxwings that are feeding in the area.  Some good views in rather nice sunshine.

Back from a few weeks in Kenya over Christmas and the New Year.  Hundreds of photos taken, many of which I will upload to a separate page elsewhere on this site eventually.

But thought I would post my Top 20 Bird Photos and Top 20 Animal Photos here.  So.....

Top 20 Bird Photos:

Top 20 Animals: