A few Firescrests singing in the woods this morning.  Mostly very high up, and very mobile.  Might try again over Easter weekend.

Today, I went to Langford Lakes first thing (saw Otters and Barn Owl - no photos), then Farlington Marshes.  Was not a great photography day, but here are some snaps.

Plan for Sunday was to find some Crossbills at RSPB Arne.  So headed off at 05:00am for first light.  No luck with the Crossbills, but saw 2 pairs of Dartford Warblers - very active and noisy, in very good light.  After Arne, decided to try my luck with the Otters at Blandford.  Got very lucky - the mother and two pups had just left the holt about 10 minutes before I arrived, so I got some shots of them heading up stream.  Then finally, given I was having a lucky morning, headed over to Titchfield Haven near Gosport to try and see the Penduline Tits that are occasionally seen there.  Third time I've visited, and this time success.  Some quite nice shots in mixed lighting.  Overall, a good day, but still need to find some Crossbills.

A return visit to Langford Lakes this morning in much better light.  Only the one Barn Owl today, but came suprisingly close, and nicely back-lit.

A very early start to get to Langford Lakes for 06:15 to try and find Barn Owls.  Three of them hunting around continuously, right up until I left at 07:20.  Was a grey drizzly morning though - need to go again when it's sunny I think.