For a few weeks now I've regularly seen a Barn Owl on the way home from work.  This one seems to be a night time only owl - never seen it hunting in the later afternoon.  Managed one blurry photo taken using the car headlights for illumination.

A trip to Romsey this morning to see if the Hawfinches were still about.  At least 8 there, and very active first thing in the morning.  But a very dull and overcast day.  Still managed to get a few shots.

Also, tried to get some shots of the Hawfinches drinking at a puddle, but tricky - they seem even more nervous when drinking.

Nuthatch and Blue Tit at Eyeworth Pond in the New Forest last week.

Back out on Salisbury this afternoon for the Short Eared Owls.  Nice, still day.  Three owls showed well from about 14:30.

A light dusting of snow on Salisbury Plain this afternoon seemed to bring the Short Eared Owls out to hunt.  I found two, hunting together, from about 14:30 onwards.  First time I've properly seen any out on the plain this year.

Also, a nice Kestrel - perched up.