A couple of snaps of the two young Peregrines on Salisbury Cathedral yesterday.  The orphaned chick (about 1 week older) has already made a couple of flights.  The chick that hatched on the cathedral has yet to fly.  Will pop back one morning when the light is better to get some better photos.

Today, the two Salisbury Cathedral Peregrine chicks were ringed.  One was the only chick that hatched from the clutch of 5 eggs laid.  The other was the orphaned chick that was intoduced to the nest earlier this week.  All ringed with Blue Rings as part of the Ed Drewitt's south west Peregrine project.

Earlier this week I was invited to take some stills of the introduction of the orphaned Peregrine chick to the nest on Salisbury Cathedral.  This chick was one of three abandoned in Shropshire after the adults were poisoned.  This was all coverd on BBC Springwatch which was quite exciting.  But some of my behind the scenes photos are here.

A day trip to Arne today.  Plan was to spend dawn until dusk there in the hope of finding Nightjars.  But I found one roosting just after lunch.  Not too far from where a Nightjar was seen on a number of occasions last year, so could be the same one perhaps.  But still, it's the first Nightjar I've ever discovered for myself.  Only knew where to search as he did a little chur while I was having lunch.  Also, I've made a little collage of some of the other birds I saw during the day (not great photos, hence the collage).

An early morning visit to Mark Ash Wood yesterday.  Hoping to find nesting Redstarts, but in fact there were already fledged chicks about.  No decent photos of them, but I did find a Tawny Owl.  Not the usual spot, but not too far away.