Have spent a few days camping in the Avalon Marshes, near to the Shapwick and Ham Wall reserves.  Mostly grey, overcast and rainy which is a shame.  But I still saw a fair bit, and took a few photos.

First up Bitterns.  Quite a bit of Bittern action at the moment - mostly pairs chasing each other, but did see three together in flight at one point.

Secondly, Marsh Harriers.  Four Marsh Harriers hunting most of the time in front of the Avalon Hide at Ham Wall.

Also from the Avalon Hide, owls.  Two Tawny Owlets (plus two adult Tawnys not photographed) and two Barn Owls.  All visible from about 17:00 onwards.

Any finally, some other snaps - including Cuckoo (3 heard) and Hobby (3 seen on the Sunday) and Otter (2 seen, 1 with an eel).