A full day out in Dorset today, getting to Blandford at 07:30, well before sunrise, hoping for Otters.  A couple turned up at 07:45, and gradually worked their way down stream.  But as the sun rose, the fog set in, so I never really got any great photos.  A few of my better ones below.

After Blandford, I popped down to Radipole Lake in Weymouth, hoping for Bearded Tits.  A lovely still day, and really clear in Weymouth.  Had some luck with the Bearded Tits, but never quite managed the perfect shot with the light in the right direction.  Still, great to see, and I'll probably try again soon.

Mid afternoon at Radipole, and managed a few shots of Marsh Harriers.  Light was fantastic, and although distant, these are probably my best ever shots of Marsh Harriers.

And finally, a few more shots from Radipole.  I quite like the symmetrical Kestrel.